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|imgdesc=as seen in Skyrim}}</noinclude>
{{Lore Link|Madanach}}, also known as the '''King in Rags''', is {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|Skyrim|a [[Skyrim:Breton|Breton]] [[Skyrim:Witchblade|witchblade]] and&#32;}}the leader of the Forsworn Rebellion. He once ruled all of {{Lore Link|the Reach}} as king, although only for a short time. Taking advantage of the {{Lore Link|Empire}}'s preoccupation with the [[Lore:Great War|Great War]], in {{Year|4E 174}}, he led the uprising to drive out the {{Lore Link|Nord}}s from power in the Reach. According to historians, this brief period of Reachman independence was peaceful, with only the cruelest Nord landowners being put to death, and the nascent kingdom made overtures seeking formal recognition from the Empire.
However, {{Lore Link|Igmund}}, son of the jarl that Madanach's forces had overthrown and killed, eager to reclaim the Reach, accepted an offer from {{Lore Link|Ulfric Stormcloak}} to retake it with his militia in exchange for the reinstatement of {{Lore Link|Talos}} worship in the Reach. Ulfric succeeded in {{Year|4E 176}}, when he successfully besieged the capital of the Reach, {{Lore Link|Markarth}}, capturing Madanach in the process.{{ref|name=TBOM|{{Cite book|The Bear of Markarth}}}}<noinclude>