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The purpose of this page is to document some aspects of Skyrim that are specific to the '''Nintendo Switch''' version of the game. The vast majority of gameplay is identical on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch): the quests are the same, and the [[Skyrim:Glitches|glitches]] are the same with the exception of lag issues being less prevalent on PC.
The Nintendo Switch version of [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]] was released in November 17, 2017, with all DLC included. It is based uponon the [[Skyrim:Special Edition|Special Edition]] and contains gameplay features and patches incorporated into that release. The Switch edition also featuredfeatures motion controls and compatibility with Nintendo's "amiibo" figures.
==Missing PC Features==
Some of the PC features that are not available on the Nintendo Switch are:
* The [[Skyrim:Console|consoleConsole]]. This means that in many cases bug fixes that are used by PC players are not available to Nintendo Switch players. It also means that most cheats and exploits are not available.
* The [[Skyrim:Creation Kit|Creation Kit]]. The Creation Kit does not directly affect game play; rather it allows the game files to be viewed and edited. A lot of the information on the Wiki is derived from the Creation Kit, because it allows the factors controlling game play to be easily identified.
* Mods cannot be used on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
There is no downloadable content for the Nintendo Switch version. As in other Special Edition releases, all three [[SR:Add-ons|official add-ons]] are already included, and cannot be disabled individually.
==Zelda-Themedthemed Items==
[[File:SR-place-Throat of the World Switch.jpg|thumb|right|The chest at the Throat of the World]]
Three items based on ''The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'' are available in the Nintendo Switch edition of Skyrim: the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Champion's Tunic. They can be obtained either through chests summoned with the amiibo power, or found in a hidden chest on the [[Skyrim:Throat of the World|Throat of the World]] near the Word Wall without requiring any amiibo.