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Oblivion:Miscellaneous Items

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It's never used in game.
| {{icon|m|Pickaxe}}
| {{Linkable Entry|Pickaxe}} || {{ID|00025103}}<br> {{ID|000180E0}} || 6.0 || 0 || Useless. It is ''not'' needed for mining and does not have any effect on the number of [[#Silver Nugget|Silver Nugget]]s or [[#Gold Nugget|Gold Nuggets]] that you obtain.<br>The second ID is never found during the [[Oblivion:Tutorial|tutorial]] when learning about the sneakin skillgame. Its editor id (''MQ12DummyPickaxe01'') suggests it was originally intended for the [[Oblivion:Miscarcand_(quest)|Miscarcand]] quest.
| {{icon|m|Pitchfork}}

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