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'''Guilds''' are player-made [[Online:factionsFactions|factions]]. A maximum of five guilds can be joined per account, but all characters can access those guilds no matter any [[Online:Alliances|Alliance]] affiliation.
Anyone can create a guild, but it won't be visible in the guild tab until another member joins. You need to be online to accept people to your guild. There is no technical minimum number of members, but obviously a Guildmaster is needed to create the guild and send invites. There is a maximum limit of 500 members to a guild.
To communicate with other guild members, the [[Online:chatChat|chat]] buttons are <code>/guild#</code> (or <code>/g#</code>) and <code>/officer#</code> (or <code>/o#</code>) where <code>#</code> is the order number of that guild (which can be found in the guild tab).
==Alliance Affiliation==
Guilds are permanently affiliated with one [[Online:Alliances|Alliance]], which is selected when creating the guild. When fighting in [[Online:Cyrodiil|Cyrodiil]] you can claim resources for a guild, though your character's and the guild's Alliance affiliation must align in order to do so. If you capture a fort you can claim it for a guild too, which unlocks some guild bonuses.
The guild traders are switched on Sundays at 8:00pm EST (9:00pm EDT) for North America, and at 20:00 GMT for Europe (with all bidding closing 5 minutes prior.) After this point, traders begin displaying the stores of whichever guilds bid the highest for each of them. The new stores will then be accessible by the general public for an entire week. If your guild was outbid, your bid will be refunded back to the guild bank. After the trader switch, if not even a single bid was made for a certain guild trader, anyone will be able to walk up to that trader and immediately hire them for a set amount of 100 gold. This process is first come first served.
=== Guild Heraldry ===
The [[Online:Heraldry|Heraldry]] system, unlocked when your guild has ten or more members, allows the guildmaster to design tabards for their guild. Tabards are widely customizable, with numerous background shapes and patterns, and a vast array of crests, all available in various color shades. Once created, the Guild Tabard can be purchased from the guild's store, even if the guild doesn't have 50 members. It is always found alone on the first page when initially accessing the guild store.