Skyrim:Served Cold

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* When you speak to Adril after killing Vendil, even if Adril is in his usual seat right next to Morvayn, he will tell you he's taking you to see the Councilor and stand up before beginning the next conversation.
* The only way to get the Severin Safe Key is to kill Mirri Severin and loot it from her corpse. It will not appear when pickpocketing her.
== Bugs ==
{{Bug|If you speak to Tilisu Severin to learn her identity, the quest objective "Discover the identity of the tomb's visitor" may not complete.|UDBP|2.0.3}}
**Sneak up behind her and [[Skyrim:Pickpocket|pickpocket]] her. As soon as her inventory opens, the quest objective will be completed.
{{Bug|If Mirri is slain in Severin Manor, her corpse may remain after the quest is complete.|UDBP|2.0.6| She was lacking a cleanup script.}}
{{Bug|When you complete the quest, everything (items, chests, beds) in Severin Manor may still be marked as owned.}}confirmed=1
== Quest Stages ==
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