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Sneak Suppression
*Some traps in these same areas can temporarily inhibit your ability to sneak. Try to keep an eye out for any trip wires or leaky pots which can explode and deal damage in addition to suppressing your stealth.
*In PVP zones, other players may use a Potion or Poison with the [[ON:Detection|Detection]] trait against you, preventing you from entering stealth unless you can [[ON:Cleansing|purge]] the effect somehow.
*The [[ON:Expert Hunter|Expert Hunter]], [[ON:Magelight|Magelight]] and [[ON:Revealing Flare|Revealing Flare]] abilities can also inhibit stealth in PVP areas. (You may also use these abilities to detect NPCs who are using stealth, though these are also much more common in PVP zones.)
*The [[ON:Way of Air|Way of Air]] and [[ON:Sentry (set)|Sentry]] sets give bonuses that increase the wearer's stealth detection radius.
==Sneak Buffs==