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'''Finna''' is a [[Skyrim:Nord|Nord]] living at [[Dragonborn:Oslaf's House|Oslaf's house]] in [[Dragonborn:Skaal Village|Skaal Village]] with her husband [[Dragonborn:Oslaf|Oslaf]] and their daughter [[Dragonborn:Aeta|Aeta]]. She wears a [[Dragonborn:Skaal_Coat|Skaal coat]] with matching [[Dragonborn:Skaal_Boots|boots]] and [[Dragonborn:Skaal_Hat|hat]]. She carries a [[Skyrim:Weapons#One-Handed_WeaponsHanded Weapons|one-handed weapon]], her [[Dragonborn:Oslaf's_House_Key|house key]], and a selection of [[Skyrim:Leveled_Lists#Common|common items and gold]].
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