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|loadtext=The monks of the Serene Harmony Monastery stand as the most renowned "Aednavorith" scholars in all of Summerset. The study of genealogy and ancestry remains a subject of endless interest to all High Elves.
}} It has been locked from the public by the newly appointed [[ON:Aldarch Tilcalar|Aldarch]]. The Undercroft houses a great hall and labyrinth involved in illicit dealing.
ON-interior-Monastery of Serene Harmony.jpg|Interior of the Monastery
ON-interior-Monastery of Serene Harmony 02.jpg|Interior of the Monastery
ON-statue-Auriel.jpg|The statue of Auri-El
ON-statue-Xarxes.jpg|The statue of Xarxes, back-to-back with Auri-El
ON-item-Shrine to Jephre.jpg|A shrine to Jephre
ON-item-Shrine to Magnus.jpg|A shrine to Magnus, displaying a clock
ON-item-Shrine to Phynaster.jpg|A shrine to Phynaster, with a boot representing his walking stride
ON-item-Shrine to Trinimac.jpg|A shrine to Trinimac, displaying his sword {{Lore Link|Penitent}}