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Cheats, Secrets, and Guides: more links
{{Bullet Link|Witch Covens|A guide to the numerous witch covens, including their purpose and locations}}
==Cheats, SecretsGuides, and GuidesSecrets==
{{Bullet Link|[[Books:Daggerfall User's Guide|Daggerfall User's Guide]]|The official game manual}}
{{Bullet Link|[[Books:The Daggerfall Chronicles|The Daggerfall Chronicles]]|The official Daggerfall strategy guide}}
{{Bullet Link|[[Books:Prima's Daggerfall Unauthorized Strategy_Guide|Prima's Daggerfall Unauthorized Strategy Guide]]|An unofficial strategy guide published by Prima}}
{{Bullet Link|Cheats|A directory of everything from ''interesting'' in-game tricks to hex editing the save-game files}}
{{Bullet Link|Easter Eggs|A list of some of the humorous secrets of Daggerfall}}
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