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Excerpt: Being A Brief History of The Elder Scrolls from Tamriel's Origins to the Present Predicament In the Anchored Battlespire: sics
:''On arrival, though you are unaware of Dagon's antics, you sense something is horribly wrong. The Wizard of the Gate lies dead at your feet, and horrible monsters are looting and sacking the Battlespire. Death is suddenly a very real possibility. What was to be an interesting and enjoyable challenge has turned into a nightmare test of survival.''
:''To your astonishment, the competitor who defeated you in the entrance competition preceded you into the Battlespire. This companion is trying to escape, just like you. Fortunately, the companion leaves behind helpful missives. While you do not know this when Battlespire begins, the companion needs to {{sic|rescued|be rescued}} just prior to your escape from the tower.''
:''Because of the nature of the ''Battlespire'', there's no turning back. Up and out is the only way to go. Rules are non-existent, and all bets are off. Only through dangerous conflicts and discoveries will you make it to the summit to confront Mehrunes Dagon, the {{sic|viscous|vicious}} new lord of the Batttlespire.''
:''The journey begins..."''