UESPWiki:Getting Started

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==How to Contribute==
:''Main Articlesarticles: [[UESPWiki:Helping Out|Helping Out]], [[UESPWiki:Task List|Task List]]''
These are some basic ways that you can improve the site:
==Editing Pages==
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If you have something to contribute, you should add it. Don't worry too much about making mistakes. Mistakes on the wiki are [[Help:Editing Pages#Reverting Edits|pretty easy to fix]], and we would rather have editors who contribute plenty of information and make a few mistakes than have editors who never add their information because they are too worried about not being able to do it perfectly. Remember that [[UESPWiki:Perfection Isn't Required|perfection isn't required]]. As you get more comfortable with the wiki, you'll probably want to familiarize yourself with the [[UESPWiki:Style Guide|Style Guide]] and maybe even a few other [[UESPWiki:Policies and Guidelines|policies and guidelines]] (nobody wants to be n00b forever!), but you're likely to learn as much from the experience of actually editing as from reading about it.
===Wiki Markup===
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You can edit casually with little to no knowledge of the wiki markup. However, if you want to become more serious about editing and be able to format your edits so that they look better, you will need to learn some basic wiki markup. We have a [[Help:Quick Editing Guide|quick editing guide]] which explains the more simple commands, a more general help page on [[Help:Formatting|formatting]], and you could also see Wikimedia's [ editing walkthrough] for more details.
===Discussion Pages===
:''Main Articlearticle: [[Help:Editing Pages#Editing a Discussion Page|Editing a Discussion Page]]''
[[UESPWiki:Namespaces#Talk Namespaces|Discussion pages]], also referred to as talk pages, are where editors discuss how they can improve the main article. Anyone can ask a question, answer an existing question, or contribute to an existing discussion. There are two kinds of talk pages: Regular talk pages, which are used to discuss articles, and user talk pages, which are used to talk with editors. The rules used on discussion pages are slightly different from those on article pages. In particular, contributions to discussion pages should always be signed (contributions to articles should never be signed).