Redguard:Krisandra's House

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#REDIRECT {{Trail|Places}}[[File:RG-place-Krisandra's House.jpg|thumb|left|Krisandra's house]]'''Krisandra's house''' is a dwelling in [[Redguard:Stros M'Kai|Stros M'Kai]], located just south of the [[Redguard:Silversmith's|Silversmith's]]. [[Redguard:Krisandra|Krisandra]] cannot be found here and the doors remain locked until certain conditions are met. To enter through the front door, you must have heard about the [[Redguard:Flask of Lillandril|Flask of Lillandril]] either by reading or buying [[Redguard:Elven Artifacts vIII|Elven Artifacts vIII]], or by talking to [[Redguard:PlacesJoto|Joto]] . You will know this condition is met when you hear the sounds of soldiers searching the house inside. The storeroom door on the opposite side of the building only unlocks with a [[CategoryRedguard:Redirects Key to Broader SubjectsKrisandra's Storeroom|key]]that Krisandra gives you after killing the soldiers. Her main room features a bed, a candlelit table with a toppled chair beside it, a wardrobe standing in the southeast corner, and two opened chests sitting against the east and west walls. Two red banners hang on each wall except the one you enter through. There are clothes strewn across the floor in front of the wardrobe and silver objects by the chests: obvious signs that the soldiers were looking for something, namely a [[CategoryRedguard:Silver Boat|silver boat]] with a piece of the [[Redguard-Places:Flask of Lillandril|Flask of Lillandril]]'s map inscribed on it. The storeroom is extremely small and cramped, with crates, barrels, and baskets blocking an easy path to the opposite side. One chest is on your left as you enter, but contains nothing, and the chest holding the silver boat is on the other end of the room.{{NewLeft}} ==Related Quests==*{{Quest Link|A Legendary Flask}} ==Gallery==<gallery>File:RG-place-Krisandra's House 02.jpg|Krisandra's house interiorFile:RG-place-Krisandra's House 03.jpg|Krisandra's storeroom</gallery>