Skyrim:Nix-Hound (creature)

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A pet '''Nix-Hound''' can be purchased from [[DB:Revus Sarvani|Revus Sarvani]] (or [[DB:Geldis Sadri|Geldis Sadri]] if Revus is already dead) as part of the related quest.
The nix-hound is essential, and will not engage in combat. Its main function is to carry items, and it has a carry weight of {{huh}}75 and it will follow you even if you already have another pet following you. You can instruct it to wait at a city, wait at its current location, wait at your house, or to carry items. It can also be summoned using a [[SR:Teleport Pet: Nix-Hound|teleportation spell]]. The nix-hound cannot be detected by Detect Dead or Detect Life.
If following you, it will occasionally give you, the nix-hound will occasionally give you a random [[SR:Ingredients|ingredient]]{{vn|need full list}}. When this happens, you will receive a message saying, ''"Nix-Hound found something..."''