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There are 27 '''skills''' in ''Morrowind'', each of which determines how well you can perform various tasks. Each skill is governed by an [[Morrowind:Attributes|attribute]]; there are three to five skills governed by each attribute (except [[Morrowind:Luck|Luck]]). Each [[Morrowind:Classes|class]] has five major skills, five minor skills, and seventeen miscellaneous skills. Each time your character increases any combination of major or minor skills ten times, they become eligible to gain a [[Morrowind:Level|level]]. Each skill also belongs to one of three specializations. The numbers in parentheses are what the game uses to identify the skill. SkillSkills are raised by using them, by paying for [[Morrowind:Trainers|trainers]], by reading [[Morrowind:Skill Books|skill books]], and occasionally as quest rewards. Skills can be permanently damaged (though retrainable) by [[Morrowind:Crime|jail time]], and – in theory – by the [[Morrowind:Damage Skill|Damage <var>Skill</var>]] effect, though the latter is not encountered as an effect used against the player character except in early, unpatched versions of the game.
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