Oblivion Mod:Mod File Format/SCPT

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* Reordering variable definition will not affect their indices, though it will affect the ordering of the SLSD/SCVR pairs.
* Renaming a variable will result in a new index number being assigned, which means that savegames will effectively have the value reset. (Since savegames remember variable value by index.)
* Deleting a variable, compiling and then readdingreading the variable will cause the redefined variable to have ana new index number. This is because when the variable is deleted, it is removed from the SLSD/SCVR pair list, and so the compiler is not able to find it'sits old index number when the variable is redefined.
* Renaming a variable will likely cause otheother scripts attempting to access it to lose it -- until they too are modified to use the new name and recompiled.
Note: It appears that the savegames store all numbers (despite their short, long, float designation) as doubles (64 bit floats). Refs are stored differently, but in the same space(?)