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The [[Lore:Elder Scrolls|Elder Scrolls]] foretell the return of [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]]'s primeval darkness, the Dragons, and the coming of a mortal born with the soul of a dragon, the [[Skyrim:Dovahkiin|Dovahkiin]] or "Dragonborn"—one who will have the power to permanently defeat his greatest foe and end the dark reign of the consumer of worlds: [[Skyrim:Alduin|Alduin]].
Your journey will be beset with peril. Just as remnants of the kingdom’skingdom's shadow guardians, the [[Skyrim:Blades|Blades]], will offer their aid, crafty agents of the [[Skyrim:Thalmor|Thalmor]], seeking to advance their own cause, will impede your quest. Acquire knowledge and prove yourself Dragonborn, and the revered [[Skyrim:Greybeards|Greybeards]] will grant you an audience to learn of their ancient Draconic arts.
Now great adventurer, free yourself from bondage; take up blade or spell, bow or axe; fulfill your destiny or postpone it indefinitely.
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