Skyrim:Frenzy (spell)

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* [[Skyrim:Illusion Dual Casting|Illusion Dual Casting]], multiplies effective level by 2.2 (rounded down).
* [[Skyrim:Animage|Animage]], creaturesanimals 8 levels higher can be affected.
** The highest level enemy animals in the game (not counting leveled companions) are the [[sr:mammoth|mammoth]], which is level 38, and the [[db:Netch|betty netch]]{{DB}}, which is level 40. You have to dual cast to frenzy them, and either animage or rage is both necessary and sufficient - you can't do it without one and having both will not help you. This means animage itself is generally a useless perk for Frenzy; against any animal target in the game, Rage will provide the same performance, and having both won't stack in a useful way. The exception is if you are a [[sr:vampirism|vampire]], which will stack with both enough to let you Frenzy a mammoth without dual casting.
* [[Skyrim:Kindred Mage|Kindred Mage]], people 10 levels higher can be affected.