Lore:The Real Barenziah, Part III

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|sortkey=Real Barenziah, v03, Part III, The
|sumtitle=[[Lore:The Real Barenziah (Daggerfall)|The Real Barenziah (Daggerfall)]], Part III
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Plitinius Mero|Plitinius Mero]]
|lorenote=''Note: This is part of the original, uncensored series of books that appeared in [[Daggerfall:Daggerfall|Daggerfall]]. In subsequent games, this content appears in ''{{Lore Link|The Real Barenziah, v 2}}'' with some minor modifications and a significant censorship by replacing explicit text with "[This passage has been censored by order of the Temple]".''
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