Lore:Crafting Motif 46: Frostcaster Style

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:(Previously unpublished notes by Doctor {{Lore Link|Alfidia Lupus}}, Imperial Ethnographer)
:…After meeting King {{Lore Link|Logrolf}}, I took the time to examine a display of clothing from the many subcultures of {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}, which it seems is home to other peoples than just those mainstream {{Lore Link|Nord}}s so well-known across northern {{Lore Link|Tamriel}}. Some of these cultures still wallow in barbarism, such as the clans of the {{Lore Link|Reachmen}}, famous—or rather infamous—for their savage raids over the northern borders. But I also came across the clothing of a culture previously unknown to me, that of the {{Lore Link|Skaal}}, who inhabit an island in the {{Lore Link|Sea of Ghosts}} named {{Lore Link|Solstheim}} (I hope I've spelled that right—my notes were taken in haste).
:Unlike the Reachmen, racially the Skaal are Nords, but they differ from their continental cousins, who were among the first foreigners to adopt the worship of the {{Lore Link|Eight Divines}}, in that the Skaal still cling to a primitive monotheism, venerating a single creator they call "the {{Lore Link|All-Maker}}." At least some of the shamans of this ancient faith specialize in Frost Magic, and are called "Frostcasters." (All this is according to the information inscribed on a tablet next to the clothing display.)
:The most curious aspect of this Frostcaster clothing was its extensive use of an unfamiliar translucent blue-white material labeled "{{Lore Link|Stalhrim}}," a sort of crystalline metal unlike anything I've ever seen. It was so strange that, after checking to make sure no one was paying any attention to what I was doing, I laid hands upon it, rubbing and tapping. It was rigid, faceted yet smooth, and gave off a distinct chill, despite the heat from the Embassy's roaring log fires. I was fascinated, and went so far as to try to scratch this {{sic|Stahlrim|Stalhrim}} with a nail file from my clutch—to no effect whatsoever. And this gave me pause: for could a culture described as being "barbaric" have produced an armor material that even steel couldn't scratch?
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