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:The only troubling sign for Orsinium is a religious conflict that has brewed over the last ten years. Traditionally, the Orcs have worshiped the {{Lore Link|Daedra}} {{Lore Link|Malacath}} ({{Lore Link|Mauloch}}) as their patron deity. Gortwog, however, has established a new priesthood devoted to the worship of {{Lore Link|Trinimac}}, the ancient hero of the Orcs, who legend has it was devoured by {{Lore Link|Boethia}} and became the Daedra Malacath. The Orc King's belief that Trinimac still lives and that Malacath is a separate entity, a demon whose aim was to keep the Orsimer pariah folk forever, is the official position of the shaman priests of Orsinium. A minority of traditionalists within the territory, and the majority of Orcs without, view this as heresy. There is fear even among those who support Gortwog and Orsinium that turning their back on the {{Lore Link|Daedric Princes|Daedric Prince}} of the {{Lore Link|Bloody Oath}} is a dangerous policy indeed.
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