Skyrim:2920, Rain's Hand, v4

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|lorename=2920, Rain's Hand (v4)
|sortkey=2920, v04
|titlesumtitle=Book Four of [[Skyrim:2920, The Last Year of the First Era|2920, The Last Year of the First Era]]<br><br>Rain's Hand
|prev=[[Skyrim:2920, First Seed, v3|First Seed]]
|next=[[Skyrim:2920, Second Seed, v5|Second Seed]]
|loc=* [[Skyrim:Blind Cliff Bastion|Blind Cliff Bastion]] ([[Skyrim:The Reach|The Reach]]) on [[Skyrim:Petra|Petra]] (only as part of quest [[Skyrim:The Affairs of Hagravens|The Affairs of Hagravens]]).
* [[Skyrim:Falion's House|Falion's House]] ([[Skyrim:Morthal|Morthal]]), on a table.
* 370 ft NNE of [[Skyrim:Journeyman's Nook|Journeyman's Nook]] ([[Skyrim:Winterhold (region)|Winterhold]]), at the end of a crevasse. {{Map Link|x=135134|y=87629|zoom=17}}
* Behind [[Skyrim:Widow's Watch Ruins|Widow's Watch Ruins]] ([[Skyrim:Haafingar|Haafingar]]). {{Map Link|x=-104463|y=122570|zoom=17}}
|lorename=2920, Rain's Hand (v4)
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