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Oblivion:Vampire Nest in the City!

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{{Game Book Summary|lorename=none|sumtitle=Vampire Nest in the City!|icon=OB-icon-book-Broadsheet.png
|title=Vampire Nest in the City!
|questrel=Boots of Springheel Jak
|loc=* From the newspaper deliverers in the Imperial City
|questrelnews=Boots of Springheel Jak1
A nest of [[Oblivion:vampire|vampire]]s was recently discovered in the home of the [[Oblivion:Jakben, Earl of Imbel|Earl of Imbel]]. The Courier is shocked to learn that Earl Jakben, a local noble of previously unblemished reputation, is revealed to have {{sic}} one of these vampires!
Responding to a tip by [[Oblivion:Gemellus Axius|the Earl's servant]], the [[Oblivion:Imperial Watch|Imperial Watch]] raided the Imbel estate and slew all of the foul creatures. Captain [[Oblivion:Servatius Quintilius|Quintilius]] has categorically denied the rumors that most of the terrible creatures of the night were already dead by the time the Watch arrived.
{{Book End}}
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