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<noinclude>{{Book Summary
|titlesumtitle=Walking the World, Volume XI: Solitude
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Spatior Munius|Spatior Munius]]
|description=A comprehensive description of the city of Solitude}}</noinclude>
{{LetterPic|W}}elcome, friend. In our latest volume, we cover {{Lore Link|Solitude}}. Spatior could not be more pleased to be at the very seat of {{Lore Link|Imperial}} power in {{Lore Link|Skyrim}}. In the course of our tour, you'll see that Solitude's riches extend from her people to the history and architecture that make up the city itself.
That's all for Walking the World Volume XI. Spatior does not know his next destination yet, but you can be sure that where he does go he will leave you a record of the best things to see.
Spatior Munius, World Traveler{{Book End}}
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