Lore:An Overview of Gods And Worship

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|sortkey=Overview of Gods And Worship, An
|titlesumtitle=An Overview of Gods and Worship in Tamriel
|author=[[Lore:Books by Author#Brother Hetchfeld|Brother Hetchfeld]]
|description=Speculation concerning the worship of gods and their benefit from such
There are reports of the existence of spirits in our world that have the same capacity to use the actions and deeds of mortals to strengthen themselves as do the Gods. The understanding of the exact nature of such creatures would allow us to understand with more clarity the connection between a Deity and the Deity's {{sic|worshipers|worshippers}}.
The implication of the existence of such spirits leads to the speculation that these spirits may even be capable of raising themselves to the level of a God or Goddess. Motusuo of the Imperial Seminary has suggested that these spirits may be the remains of Gods and Goddesses who through time lost all or most of their following, reverting to their earliest most basic form. {{sic|Practioners|Practitioners}} of the Old Ways say that there are no Gods, just greater and lesser spirits. Perhaps it is possible for all three theories to be true.{{Book End}}
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