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|description=The public manifesto of the Khajiit organization Renrijra Krin
{{LetterPic|T}}his is an absurd book. But like all things {{Lore Link|Khajiit}}i, as the expression goes, "gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi", or "absurdity has become necessity." Much of what I have to say has probably never been written before, and if it has, no one has read it. The {{Lore Link|Imperial}}s feel that everything must be written down for posterity, but every Khajiiti kitten born in [[Lore:Elsweyr|Elsweyr]] knows his history, he drinks it in with his mother's milk.
Let us not forget our purpose. We are thieves and thugs, smugglers and saboteurs. If we cannot take a farm, we burn it to the ground. If the Imperials garrisoned in a glorious ancient stronghold, beloved by our ancestors, will not yield, we tear the structure apart. If the only way to rescue the land from the Leyawiin misappropriation is to make it uninhabitable by all, so be it.
We want our life and our home back as it was twenty years ago, but if that is not realistic, then we will accept a different simple, pragmatic goal. Revenge. With a smile.{{Book End}}
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