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|sortkey=Looter's Paradise, A
You don't need to know my real name&mdash;not sure I remember it anymore, anyhow. My auntie left me a shack on a hill south of the border. Never thought about it much, until I lifted {{Lore Link|Hrol}}'s Golden Girdle from the {{Lore Link|Temple of the One}}. Suddenly life got real complicated, and I decided it was time to go claim my inheritance.
Fortunately, I was there to recognize opportunity when I saw it coming down the road from Dune, laden with trade goods. By the next Fredas I was in {{Lore Link|Bravil}}, looking up a few of my old contacts. Half a season later it was me and the newly-dubbed {{Lore Link|Murkwater Gang}} who were occupying good old Fort Sphinxmoth, digging out the barracks, sharpening our blades, and repairing the old traps.
The good times are back.{{Book End}}
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