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With the fall of the Empire in {{Year|2E 430}}, the regional powers went about warring among themselves, and {{Lore Link|Maormer}} pirates were able to get a foothold along the coast which they used to harass the Altmer of {{Lore Link|Summerset Isle}}.{{ref|name=PGE3V}}
[[File:ON-icon-Aldmeri Dominion.png|thumb|right|The symbol of the Aldmeri Dominion]]
During the {{Lore Link|Alliance War}} circa {{Year|2E 582}}, the Bosmer became part of the {{Lore Link|Aldmeri Dominion}}, along with their allies the Altmer and the {{Lore Link|Khajiit}}. The alliance was rocky, though the {{Lore Link|Thalmor}} Committee on Alliance Relations encouraged tolerance of the Bosmer's cultural eccentricities to help keep the Dominion together.{{ref|name=TH|{{Cite book|Thalmor Handbill}}}}{{ref|name=ASIV}} {{Lore Link|Elden Root}} was made the capital of the Dominion, and drew many new migrants as a result (this also became the impetus for plans to establish a gladiatorial arena in the city).{{ref|name=WMTM|{{Cite book|Want More than Middens?|nsns_base=Online}}}} Many Bosmer saw the Dominion as their only chance at survival.{{ref|name=LTC|{{Cite book|Letter to Calahawn|nsns_base=Online}}}} However, many others remained resentful of the alliance, believing the Dominion had "polluted" Valenwood.{{ref|name=WCN|{{Cite book|What Comes Next|nsns_base=Online}}}} Resentment may have also festered due to the "Massacre at Cormount", wherein the Grahtwood city was apparently razed by Dominion soldiers utilizing particularly offensive tactics.{{ref|name=TMAC|{{Cite book|The Massacre at Cormount}}}}
In {{Year|2E 830}}, to secure their border from attack, the Altmer, using an old treaty and encroachment from Colovia for justification, invaded Valenwood and reestablished the Aldmeri Dominion.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}}{{ref|name=PGE3V}}{{ref |name=PGE3Summer|{{Cite book|PGE|3|Summerset Isle}}}} Details on the circumstances leading up to this are disputed,{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}} but they formed the Thalmor and apparently brought peace to Valenwood until the Dominion was absorbed by the {{Lore Link|Third Empire}} of {{Lore Link|Tiber Septim}}.{{ref|name=PGE3V}} During the {{Lore Link|War of Rihad}} in {{Year|2E 862}}, Colovian armies employ the Bosmer as archers, though they proved to be prone to desertion.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}}
[[File:Lore-Great Ape Sketch.jpg|thumb|right|A sketch of an Imga, the Great Apes of Valenwood]]
The elves of Valenwood have always stood ready to defend themselves against aggression, and have done so on many occasions.{{ref|name=MUT|{{Cite book|Mixed Unit Tactics}}}} They often rely on their forest-coupling skills to make use of guerrilla tactics. The title of their most famous poem, the Meh Ayleidion, means "The One Thousand Benefits of Hiding".{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}} However, the Bosmer seem to be the most pacifistic of all the modern races on Tamriel, as they have never instigated war with other nations (leading some more militant cultures to criticize them as cowards),{{ref|name=FWOB|{{Cite book|Fav'te's War Of Betony}}}} though they have been accused of needlessly escalating [[Lore:Five Year War|some conflicts]]. They have never found a tried and true ally in any other Tamrielic nation. Mistrust has been engendered by the ritual cannibalism they practice, and it's often difficult for them to adjust their lifestyles to the expectations of other races and cultures. Nevertheless, the Bosmer are heavily dependent on good relations and trade with other races, as the Green Pact forces them to import the timber needed to make their homes, arrows, and other wooden instruments.{{ref|name=POT}}{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}}{{ref|name=ADIF2|{{Cite book|A Dance in Fire, Chapter 2}}}} Their own resources for trade include hides, river pearls, and finger-bone charms made from the {{Lore Link|magic}}ally-charged hands of their dead wizards. When they are at odds with Colovia or other trading allies, they are said to rely on piracy or banditry to get what they need.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}} They have attempted to accommodate other races in Valenwood throughout history, though many remained wary of outlander encroachments into their home.{{ref|name=OBRTTD|{{Cite book|One Bosmer's Response to the Dominion|nsns_base=Online}}}} To this day, they have little more than foot paths connecting their tiny settlements in Valenwood's sparsely populated forests.{{ref|name=POT}}{{ref|name=FTJOAHES|{{Cite book|From the journal of Aretille, High Elven scholar}}}} Some primitive bosmers practice cannibalism upon their enemies.{{ref|name=CP|{{Cite book|Corpse Preparation}}}} Some Bosmer have been known to file their teeth to sharp points.{{ref|[[Online:Contraband C|Contraband]] in [[Online:Online|ESO]]}}
The Bosmer greatly value diversity. Their respect for life's many facets is inherent in many of their old sayings, like "One mans miracle is another mans accident".{{ref|name=AOOGAW|{{Cite book|An Overview of Gods And Worship}}}} Other races are ''generally'' welcomed in most of Valenwood, though most foreigners stay in large cities.{{ref|name=PGE1Ald}}{{ref|name=PGE3V}}{{ref|name=AMGTV|{{Cite book|A Merchant's Guide to Valenwood}}}} Travelers are encouraged to take care when imbibing drinks of fermented milk which are popular among the Bosmer, as non-Bosmer may have adverse reactions to them.{{ref|name=ADIF|{{Cite book|A Dance in Fire}}}}{{ref|name=FTNOACC|{{Cite book|From the notes of Ancemion, Ceremony Coordinator}}}}
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