Shivering:The Coming Storm

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==Quick Walkthrough==
#Speak to Ahjazda about the "Coming Storm.".
#Steal the [[Shivering:Ring of Desiccation|Ring of Desiccation]] from the [[Shivering:Museum of Oddities|Museum of Oddities]].
#Get the [[Shivering:Calming Pants|Calming Pants]] from [[Shivering:Fimmion|Fimmion]].
==Detailed Walkthrough==
[[Shivering:Ahjazda|Ahjazda]], the owner of [[Shivering:Things Found|Things Found]] asks you to retrieve three items for her so that she may prepare for "The Coming Storm.". The three items she needs are as follows: the Ring of Desiccation, the Calming Pants, and the Amulet of Disintegration.
===Ring of Desiccation===
The [[Shivering:Ring of Desiccation|Ring of Desiccation]] is located in the [[Shivering:Museum of Oddities|Museum of Oddities]] in Crucible. It is in a locked display case on the second level of the building; if you ask [[Shivering:Una Armina|Una Armina]] for a tour of the museum, she will show you the exact location. Due to a bug you can take the ring from right in front of her eyes and she will not care.
===Amulet of Disintegration===
The Amulet of Disintegration is located in the ruins of [[Shivering:Milchar|Milchar]], located in the northwestern section of [[Shivering:Mania|Mania]]. Locate the entrance to [[Shivering:Milchar#Milchar, Tieras|Milchar, Tieras]], make your way to [[Shivering:Milchar#Milchar, Chatterhall|Milchar, Chatterhall]] and you will find a room containing a chest and a Ritual Torch. If you try to pick up the torch you will receive a message saying it "can be held by any but owned by none.". If you use the [[Oblivion:Controls#Grab|grab key]], you can move the torch without adding it into your inventory. Using a [[Oblivion:Telekinesis|Telekinesis]] spell may also improve your grip. Use the torch to light the three podiums in the room. Be aware that the podium fires will extinguish after a few seconds, so you will have to be quick in lighting all the fires. When all podiums are lit at once, you will be able to open the Diligence Crux in the middle of the room. This urn holds the amulet.