Lore:Tamrielic Calligraphy, Chapter VII

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An oft-overlooked fact: using ink goes well beyond the calligrapher. A controlled environment can allow the artist to communicate precisely through color and form, and reach beyond the page to the reader. It's easy to forget that external factors, such as the weather or the temperature, can significantly alter a calligrapher's needs.
For example, in the heat and humidity of deep {{Lore Link|Valenwood}} the popular {{Lore Link|Delicate Midnight}} ink—that mainstay of proper {{Lore Link|Alinor (city)|Alinor}} calligraphy—simply will not dry. Turn the paper sideways and the ink runs right off the page. Unthinkable in the temperate Alinor climate, but constant in a place a mere ship's voyage away. Instead, the locals use an ink that can dry even while submerged in water. Foolishness for a scribe at a comfortable writing-desk, but of vital importance for a scout writing an urgent missive in a tropical rainstorm.
One other notable evolution of Valenwood inks is the prevalence of ink that glows faintly in darkness. In a well-lit city such as Alinor the need for such things would be minimal. In the deep darkness of the forest, without even moonlight to read by, a faintly glowing ink allows those with proper vision to review critical documents.
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