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The Bosmer venerate many deities. In fact, few Bosmer outside the Empire accept the limitation of {{Lore Link|Divines}} to a mere eight or nine. Most Bosmer claim direct descent from {{Lore Link|Auri-El}}, though Y'ffre the Storyteller is their most important deity. While the Time Dragon is the king of the gods, they venerate Y'ffre as the spirit of "the now".{{ref|name=VOFTWE|{{Cite book|Varieties of Faith: The Wood Elves}}}} Like the Argonians, the Bosmer seem to prefer to live in the present, or the "Aurbic Now", and show relatively little regard for the ways of the past (besides when it comes to telling old tales or following the Green Pact, that is).{{ref|name=RM11AE|{{Cite book|Crafting Motifs 11: Ancient Elves}}}}
The Bosmer also venerate {{Lore Link|Arkay}}, {{Lore Link|Xarxes (god)|Xarxes}}, {{Lore Link|Mara}} (who they consider to be the wife of Auri-El), and {{Lore Link|Stendarr}}. The God of Toil, {{Lore Link|Z'en}}, is the Bosmeri god of payment in kind. His origins are mysterious, as is his place in the cosmic order. The Bosmer are one of the few who worship the trickster {{Lore Link|Baan Dar}}, the trickster spirit of thieves and beggars they apparently borrowed from the Khajiit.{{ref|name=VOFTWE}}
There are many other deities with significant Bosmer cults, such as {{Lore Link|Hircine}}.{{ref|name=VOFTWE}} They also worship the moon gods {{Lore Link|Jone}} and {{Lore Link|Jode}}.{{ref|name=VOFTWE}}{{ref|name=OJ|{{Cite book|Of Jephre}}}} Ancient stories of the supernatural, enigmatic {{Lore Link|Wilderking}} abound in {{Lore Link|Greenshade}}.{{ref|name=TWL|{{Cite book|The Wilderking Legend}}}} Like the Nords, the trickster spirit {{Lore Link|Hermaeus Mora|Herma-Mora}} appears in their legends (and they insist he is not to be confused with the {{Lore Link|Daedra}} {{Lore Link|Hermaeus Mora}}). And, of course, in a culture replete with trickster spirits, they do not forget the greatest trickster of all: {{Lore Link|Lorkhan}}.{{ref|name=VOFTWE}}
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