Lore:The Amulet of Kings

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|description=Chronicles the creation of the Amulet of Kings
{{LetterPic|I}}n the first years of the [[Lore:First Era|First Era]], a powerful race of Elves called the {{Lore Link|Ayleids}}, or the Heartland High Elves, ruled central [[Lore:Tamriel|Tamriel]] with an iron hand. The high and haughty Ayleids relied on their patrons, the treacherous [[Lore:Daedric Princes|Daedra Lords]], to provide armies of {{Lore Link|{{NstDaedra|D|OBOBdisplay=ddaedra|SRSRdisplay=d}}aedradaedra}} and dead spirit{{Nst|s; w|ON=s. W}}ith these fearless {{Lore Link|magic}}al armies, the Ayleids preyed without mercy upon the young races of men, slaughtering or enslaving them at their whim.
On behalf of the suffering human races, [[Lore:Alessia|St. Alessia]], the first in the line of {{Lore Link|Cyrodiil}}s, sought the aid of [[Lore:Akatosh|Akatosh]], the {{Lore Link|Dragon}} God of Time, and ruler of the noble [[Lore:Aedra|Aedra]]. Akatosh, looking with pity upon the plight of men, drew precious blood from his own heart, {{Nst|and b|ON=b}}lessed St. Alessia with this blood of Dragons, and made a Covenan{{Nst|t: |OB=t that|SR=t that}} so long as Alessia's generations were true to the dragon blood, Akatosh would endeavor to seal tight the Gates of [[Lore:Oblivion|Oblivion]]{{#switch:{{NS_ID}}|LO|ON= and deny|OB|SR=, and to deny}} the armies of {{Nst|D|OB=d|SR=d}}aedra and undead to their enemies, the Daedra-loving Ayleids.
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