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==Excerpt: Being A Brief History onof The Elder Scrolls from Tamriel's Origins to the Present Predicament In the Anchored Battlespire==
Preceding this is general history of the Elder Scrolls world and some small summaries on the stories of Arena and Daggerfall; ifIf your read up on your lore your not missing out on anything.
''"Battlespire takes place during the time of Arena (roughly 3E 399) in a majestic tower, if you will, a medieval space needle, inhabiting its own pocket universe. Originally a war college for the training and sharpening of imperial battlemage skills, {{sic|evil forces invaded this citadel of military of imperial battlemage skills, evil forces invaded this citadel of military civility. Now, monstrous minions block and thwart your every move.}} You must escape back the benevolent confines of Tamriel at all costs.