Skyrim:Mirri Severin

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Once you're inside, you will notice that you're not alone. Tilisu and Mirri are both located within and should you get detected by Mirri, she will call out to her companion, ''"Watch it Tilisu, I think we might have a visitor!"'', she might also call out to you, ''"Stop hiding, coward. I'll make it quick, I promise."'' Should Tilisu be the one to detect you, she won't hesitate to call out to Mirri either, ''"Careful Mirri... someone's in here with us!"'' Should you get into a fight with Mirri here, she will angrily yell, ''"For House Hlaalu! For Vilur Ulen!"''
Once you have collected your evidence, and returned it to Second Councilor Arano, he will send you to the final location, namely [[Dragonborn:Ashfallow Citadel|Ashfallow Citadel]]. Mirri will only appear here if she was spared earlier while searching troughthrough the manor. Together with several [[Dragonborn:Morag Tong Assassin|Morag Tong assassins]] , she will attempt to make a last stand in the citadel. This time Mirri is clad in a full set of [[Dragonborn:Morag Tong Armor|Morag Tong armor]]. While attacking you, she will have some taunts that she shares with Vendil and Tilisu, ''"For House Hlaalu!"'' and ''"Morvayn will pay for this!"'' She also has some unique taunts, ''"Redoran-following dog!"'', ''"I'll scatter your ashes myself!"'', ''"Morvayn's reign is over!"''
When you deliver the killing the blow, she will fall to the ground with her last words being, ''"No, it's not my time..."'' Upon her death, you will be able to loot the [[Dragonborn:Severin Safe Key|Severin Safe Key]] from her corpse.