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|loc=[[ON:Imperial Sewers|Imperial City Sewers]]
|drops={{Item Link|Light Tel Var Satchel|id=69413|quality=3}}<br />Between {{ESO Tel Var|10}} to {{ESO Tel Var|200}}{{vn|Max/min amount}}
'''Cunning Scamps''' are unique [[ON:Scamp|Scamp]]s who randomly spawn in the [[ON:Imperial Sewers|Imperial City Sewers]], similar to [[ON:Trove Scamp|Trove Scamp]]s, though are slightly rarer. They can be distinguished by their red and white glow and do not attack. Instead, they will quickly run a certain path through the sewers and nearby many other enemies, seeking to alert them by having them see you. They will quickly try to exit the sewers by taking a portal, and should be killed or stunned before they can leave. Upon death they drop a number of rewards.
If they see a player, they will quickly try to exit the sewers by taking a portal, and should be [[ON:Stun|stunned]] or killed before they can go through it. When they reach the end of their path, they cannot be stunned and will attempt to use their portal again, but can still be killed beforehand. It is suggested to have more than one person attacking a scamp to kill it faster. Scamps can be around for approximately 25 seconds before despawning, and have varying timers for when they will respawn, depending on the sewer section.
Upon death they drop a satchel containing a set number of [[ON:Tel Var Stones|Tel Var Stones]] when opened, as well as a varying amount of Tel Var that is instantly added to your character. Anyone who does damage to a Scamp can loot it after it is killed, regardless of alliance. If one is in a group and does not do damage to it, but their teammates do, they can loot the Scamp if they were close enough to it when it died.
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* Aldmeri Dominion Branch:
==Related Quests==
** ''(Bugged)'' Six rooms in the Training Grounds section of the [[ON:Irrigation Tunnels|Irrigation Tunnels]] (5 minute respawn)
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** ''(Bugged)'' Five rooms in the Lost Tombs section of the [[ON:Abyssal Depths|Abyssal Depths]] (6 minute respawn)
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** Five rooms in The Hatchery section of the Antediluvian Vaults (6 minute respawn)
* Daggerfall Covenant Branch:
** Three rooms in the Battle Gates section of the [[ON:Lambent Passage|Lambent Passage]] (10 minute respawn)
** Three rooms in the Nocere Oblitus section of the Lambent Passage (10 minute respawn)
** Five rooms in the Bloodworks section of the [[ON:Vile Drainage|Vile Drainage]] (6 minute respawn)
* Ebonheart Pact Branch:
** Three rooms in the Buried Artifact section of the [[ON:Harena Hypogeum|Harena Hypogeum]] (10 minute respawn)
** Two rooms in Betrayer's Catacombs section of the [[ON:Antediluvian Vaults|Antediluvian Vaults]] (14 minute respawn)
** Three rooms in Feeding Pits section of the Antediluvian Vaults (10 minute respawn)
* Scamp often don't spawn in the same room twice in a row, but it can occasionally happen.
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There are a few [[ON:Imperial City Achievements|Achievements]] associated with this factioncreature:
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{{Bug|Some Scamps in the [[ON:Irrigation Tunnels|Irrigation Tunnels]] and Lost Tombs section of the [[ON:Abyssal Depths|Abssyal Depths]] may despawn too early, can run at higher speeds, and may sometimes not be targetable by abilities. Their timers are also bugged, delaying their spawn times by a long amount.}}
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** Workaround