Oblivion:Getting Around

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*Your '''Athletics''' skill.
The most obvious way to improve your speed is to increase your ''Speed'' attribute, but that takes a long time and needsrequires huge increases to have any noticeable benefit. Sheathe your weapon if you can't keep up with a fleeing enemy; unequip your weapon to go even faster. Special moves to go even faster are described below. You can also utilize [[Oblivion:Fortify Speed|Fortify Speed]] enchantments on armor for a permanent increase when wearing the armor, or use potions for a more temporary increase,. [[Oblivion:Skooma|Skooma]] is ideal for this.
===Carrying Lots of Items===
* Enchanted items, such as rings. These are available as random loot, can be created at the Arcane University, or can be created from a Sigil Stone. This provides a constant effect, but the magnitude of the ''Feather'' spell is relatively small (25 points to maximum 125 points with a transcendent sigil stone)
* Potions. Premade ''Feather'' potions range in strength from 25 to 100 points. Even stronger potions can be made at high levels (>200 points). Up to four potions can be drunk at once.
* Spells. The spells that can be bought are ''Ease Burden'', ''Lighten Load'', ''Pack Mule'', and ''Beast of Burden''. Custom spells can also be created. Note that if your custom spells have different names, they can be cast simultaneously, allowing an additional 500 points or more to be carried. See ''Human Freight Train'' example on [[Oblivion:Useful Spells#Human Freight Train 1/Human Freight Train 2/Human Freight Train x |Useful Spells]] page for details. (However, the maximum duration of custom ''Feather'' spells is only 120 seconds, less than the for-purchase spells).
One glitch you may encounter when using ''Feather'' spells and potions is that they may only work properly if you are already over-encumbered. If you are not over-encumbered, the magnitude of the spell or potion can be less than expected, even zero. So pick up all the loot you want to carry and ''then'' cast your spells and drink your potions.
::Note: This is because Feather ''removes'' encumbrance, rather than directly increasing carrying capacity, although the user interface does not make this obvious. For example, if you are carrying 200 pounds of loot and equip two rings of 125pts of feather, the first ring will have the full 125pts of feather, while the second ring will only provide the number of pounds of encumbrance that it can remove, that is 75pts, bringing your encumbrance to zero. If you pick up 50 more pounds of loot, you can unequip and re-equip the second ring to get that additional 50pts of feather. Also note that your carrying capacity will now remain boosted by 250pts until you remove the rings. Another example, if you are carrying 300 pounds of loot and equip the above rings both rings will provide the full 125pts each, but the user interface will still show you having 300 pounds of encumbrance, yet your max encumbrance will show that you have an additional 250pts of carrying capacity. It is strange and not intuitive until you understand how feather works.