Skyrim:Served Cold

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The Ulen Matter
===The Ulen Matter===
[[File:DB-quest-Served Cold_04.jpg|thumb|right|The wealthiest family in [[Dragonborn:Raven Rock|Raven Rock]]]]
[[Dragonborn:Severin Manor|Severin Manor]] is located in the western part of town, on the way to the [[Dragonborn:Earth_Stone|Earth Stone]]. There are two ways of dealing with the next task; either go into [[Skyrim:Sneak|sneak mode]] just prior to entering, or kick the door open. Regardless of the hour, [[Dragonborn:Tilisu Severin|Tilisu]] and [[Dragonborn:Mirri Severin|Mirri Severin]] will be waiting inside, with weapons drawn. Your target is the expert level safe downstairs, so either fight and kill them both and claim the key to the safe, or attempt to sneak down therethe stairs straight in front of you upon entering, without being detected. A potion of light feet may help here before heading down, and there's also one down the stairs to the right of the alchemy table on the shelf for the return trip. Head to the western bedroom and look for the Severin Family Safe that sits near a set of shelves to the left of the bed and either pick or unlock it. Inside is the revealing evidence, specifically ''[[Dragonborn:The Ulen Matter|The Ulen Matter]]'', a letter written by family patriarch [[Dragonborn:Vendil Severin|Vendil Severin]], but signed by 'Vendil Ulen'. The letter clearly confirms Arano's suspicions, as it describes the plan to assassinate [[Dragonborn:Lleril Morvayn|Councilor Lleril Morvayn]] as an act of revenge for the execution he ordered on a member of the Ulen family years back.
Return to Arano with the letter in hand, and tell him that the Severin family is behind the conspiracy: ''"Then we finally have them! All that remains now is chasing them down, and bringing them to justice."'' Judged from the hostility you encountered back in the mansion, telling Arano you doubt they will surrender easily will make him send some help to [[Dragonborn:Ashfallow Citadel|Ashfallow Citadel]], a place mentioned in the letter: ''"I'm going to send two of the best [[Dragonborn:Redoran_Guard|Redoran Guard]] we have to take them down. I want you to assist them any way you can."'' Although you will be given two options, Arano will not take no for an answer, so you will have to travel to the fort and help the guards out.
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