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* The '''[[UESPWiki:Community Portal|community portal]]''' is where we discuss the site in general.
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===Ask on [[UESPWiki:IRCDiscord|IRCDiscord]]===
You are welcome to ask questions in one ofon the manyofficial ElderUESP ScrollsDiscord related IRC channelsserver. OneThere ofare theseveral mostchannels popularwhere isyou thecan '''[irc:// #eshelp]'''specific channel,questions butabout thosethe of us at '''[irc:// #UESPWiki]''' can help yougames asor wellediting.
===Ask on the [[UESPWiki:forums|Forums]]===
You are welcome to ask questions at the UESP '''{{forums}}'''. There are separate subforums for each of the main TES games, as well as subforums specifically for Lore and general TES topics which apply to more than just one game.