Online:Ulthorn the Hound

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{{Online NPC Summary
|image=ON-creaturenpc-The Hound.jpg
|imgdesc=The Hound in [[Online:Reap What Is Sown|Reap What Is Sown]]
|loc=[[ON:Dra'bul|Dra'bul]]<br />[[ON:Silvenar's Audience Hall|Silvenar's Audience Hall]], [[ON:Silvenar|Silvenar]]
|reaction=Friendly (Dra'bul)<br />Hostile (Silvenar)
'''The Hound''' is a [[ON:Bosmer|Bosmer]] [[ON:Werewolf|werewolf]] who leads the [[ON:Houndsmen|Houndsmen]], a group of [[ON:Hircine|Hircine]] followers that are terrorizing [[ON:Malabal Tor|Malabal Tor]] and seek to overthrow the [[ON:Indaenir|Silvenar]]. Prior to forming the Houndsmen, he was known as '''Ulthorn''' and was a close friend of [[ON:Gwaering|Gwaering]] before she became [[Online:The Green Lady|the Green Lady]].
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*{{Quest Link|Reap What Is Sown}}
*{{Quest Link|Restore the Silvenar}}
*{{Quest Link|The Ties that Bind}}
File:ON-creature-The Hound.jpg|Projection of The Hound in [[Online:Reap What Is Sown|Reap What Is Sown]]
File:ON-npc-Ulthorn.jpg|A flashback projection of Ulthorn prior to becoming The Hound
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