Eye of Argonia

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|Boxart1name=Argonia logo (see [[#NotesLogo|noteLogo]] section)
|Setting=[[Lore:Black Marsh|Black Marsh]]
In ''Redguard'', [[Redguard:Cyrus|Cyrus]] discusses the Eye of Argonia briefly with [[Redguard:Tobias|Tobias]] and [[Redguard:Dreekius|Dreekius]]. Described by Dreekius as the "priceless king's jewel of ancient Black Marsh", it is a treasure sought by both Tobias and Cyrus. It was mentioned in the mock Q&A for [[Books:The Origin of Cyrus!|The Origin of Cyrus!]] as "a priceless gem that also serves as a key to the Lost City of Black Marsh". Since the game's cancellation, it has appeared briefly as an Easter egg in subsequent games. The book ''[[Lore:Ruins of Kemel-Ze|Ruins of Kemel-Ze]]'', found in most games since ''Morrowind'', mentions the Eye, where the author, archaeologist [[Lore:Books by Author#Rolard Nordssen|Rolard Nordssen]], dreams of recovering it. In [[Tribunal:Tribunal|''Tribunal'']], one of ''Morrowind'''s two expansions, the Eye is mentioned in dialogue with [[Tribunal:Trels Varis|Trels Varis]] upon entering his secret office.
A third TESA game named ''[[Paradise Sugar]]'' was also supposedly planned.{{ref|[ Michael Kirkbride on Reddit, September 2014]}}
The logo seen above was first included in the Daedric font packaged with the Morrowind CD. It is titled simply Argonia, rather than "Eye of Argonia", and the subtitle reads "AND A HERO FROM HAEROT WILL SAVE THEM". While it was included in an official release, neither [[General:Michael_Kirkbride|Michael Kirkbride]] nor [[General:Pete_Hines|Pete Hines]] {{ref|[ Pete Hines on Twitter, January 2018]}} were aware of its existence, and the creation of the font that the image was included in came long after the game's cancellation. Thus, whether or not it really is the logo for Eye of Argonia remains uncertain.
*A title graphic for "Argonia" can be found in an official Daedric font file first packaged on the ''Morrowind'' CD. It has sub-text in Daedric lettering which reads, "AND A HERO FROM HAEROT WILL SAVE THEM". Although unconfirmed as a logo for the game, it does appear to be contemporary with the project's previsualization stage.
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