Skyrim:Mirri Severin

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She sleeps from midnight to 6am, after which she wanders around the manor for 3 hours before going to the marketplace. After 4 hours of browsing, Mirri heads back home for some relaxation until 6pm, when she heads out for another 4 hours of drinking at [[Dragonborn:The Retching Netch|The Retching Netch]] until it is midnight when heads back home to rest.
If you are male, Mirri will be very flirtatious when first greeting you, ''"Mmm. Always a pleasure to watch when a man like you walks by."'' and continue with, ''"It gets lonely out here you know, on this remote island."'' The next set of greetings will appear regardless of your sex,''"Oh, hello. You looking for a handout or something?"'', ''"My father and mother are the richest on the island... and that includes Councilor Morvayn."'' and ''"If you ask me, my father knows how to run things better than the Councilor."'' When asked if she wants to [[Dragonborn:It's All In The Taste|taste Geldis' sujamma]], she'll be pleased, ''"Well, tell Geldis that Mirri says she really appreciates it."'' Should a beggar approach her in the market, she will be disgusted, ''"Ugh, get away from me."'' During [[Dragonborn:Dragonborn (quest)|Dragonborn]], you may ask if she knows who [[Dragonborn:Miraak (person)|Miraak]] is, to which she'll say, ''"That's not someone who lives in Raven Rock, I don't think... but it sounds so familiar."'' When asked what that means, she'll stay confused, and say, ''"Maybe... I can't help but think of some sort of temple here on the island. Why would that be?"'' When asked if she wants a [[Dragonborn:Reluctant Steward|job]] from [[Dragonborn:Neloth|Neloth]], she immediately declines, saying, ''"Now why would I want to work for House Telvanni? Besides, Neloth is a madman!"'' When exiting conversation with Mirri, she will either flirtily say, ''"Don't stay away for too long."'' if you are male, or give you a standard ''"Next time, then."'' if you are female.
When in Severin Manor, Mirri will talk with the rest of her "family", revealing that their family is just a front for an unspecified [[Dragonborn:Served Cold|job]] and that she and "her father" are actually lovers:
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