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==Gameplay Differences==
[[File:SR-misc-Switch_Bosmer_blue_eyes.jpg|thumb|right|The new blue eye color option for Bosmer]]
* [[Skyrim:World Interactions|Random events]] added by [[Skyrim:Dawnguard|Dawnguard]] where vampires would attack settlements have been removed from the Nintendo Switch version.{{Ref|name=jessBethesdaReddit|[ Response from Bethesda spokesperson (Reddit)], Nov 16, 2017}}
* [[Skyrim:Bosmer|Bosmer]] have been given an additional eye color option at [[Skyrim:Character Creation|character creation]]: blue, [[Lore:Man|man]]-style eyes intended to aid players in creating a character similar to Link from the ''Legend of Zelda'' series.
* Motion controls are available for fine-tuned aiming with [[Skyrim:Archery|archery]] and [[Skyrim:Magic Overview|spellcasting]].
* Gesture controls are available for melee combat. Swinging the left or right joy-con controller will attack with an equipped weapon in that hand or [[Skyrim:Block|block]] with an equipped shield. Swinging more forcefully performs a [[Skyrim:Combat#Power Attacks|power attack]] or [[Skyrim:Block#Bashing|shield bash]].
File:SR-misc-Amiibo non-Zelda chest.jpg|A chest summoned by non-Legend of Zelda amiibo