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Three items based on ''The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'' are available in the Nintendo Switch edition of Skyrim: the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and Champion's Tunic. They can be obtained either through chests summoned with the amiibo power, or found in a hidden chest on the [[Skyrim:Throat of the World|Throat of the World]] near the Word Wall without requiring any amiibo.
All items can be improved through crafting, and can be enchanted. The tunic and shield are both considered light armor, and the tunic uses three armor slots when equipped: armor, bracers, and boots.
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{{Item Data
|icon=<!--SR-icon-armor-FurArmor4Champion's Tunic.png-->
|name=Champion's Tunic
|temp=Refined Moonstone
|notes=Tempering requires 4 refined moonstone ingots. Uses three armor slots when equipped: armor, bracers, and boots.
{{Item Data
[[File:SR-menu-Amiibo.jpg|400px|thumb|The amiibo power]]
One unique feature to the Nintendo Switch version of the game is compatibility with Nintendo's "amiibo" figures: you can tap your amiibo figures the Switch for a treasure chest of items to appear in-game. This is done by equipping the "amiibo" power (found in the Magic menu, under "Powers") and casting it at the ground, where a glowing circle will appear, and then tapping the figure to the right Joy-Con controller. This can be done once every 24 real-life hours per amiibo.
The chance of getting one of the Zelda items will increase with 5 compatible amiibo taps within five days (for instance, tapping the same one five days in a row, or tapping five compatible amiibo within one day), and resets after you get one of the items. While you can get unlimited amounts of the Champion's Tunic or Hylian Shield, there can only be one Master Sword.
The chests summoned by Legend of Zelda amiibo are styled after the chests from ''The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'' and play the "discovered-a-secret" chime from the Zelda games, while non-Zelda amiibo summon Skyrim-styled chests and are accompanied by chanting.
===Specific Drops===
| Zelda || The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild || Armor, gems, shield
File:SR-misc-Amiibo Zelda chest.jpg|A chest summoned by Legend of Zelda amiibo
File:SR-misc-Amiibo non-Zelda chest.jpg|A chest summoned by non-Legend of Zelda amiibo