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The purpose of this page is to document some aspects of Skyrim that are specific to the '''Nintendo Switch''' version of the game. The vast majority of gameplay is identical on all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch): the quests are the same, the [[Skyrim:Glitches|glitches]] are the same with exception to lag issues being less prevalent on PC.
The Nintendo Switch version of [[Skyrim:Skyrim|Skyrim]] released in November 17, 2017, with all DLC included. It is based upon the [[Skyrim:Special Edition|Special Edition]] and contains gameplay features and patches incorporated into that release. The Switch edition also featured motion controls and compatibility with Nintendo's "amiibo" figures.
* The [[Skyrim:Creation Kit|Creation Kit]]. The Creation Kit does not directly affect game play; rather it allows the game files to be viewed and edited. A lot of the information on the Wiki is derived from the Creation Kit, because it allows the factors controlling game play to be easily identified.
* Mods cannot be used on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
* [[Skyrim:Achievements|Achievements]] are not present in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
==Gameplay Differences==
[[File:SR-misc-Switch_Bosmer_blue_eyes.jpg|thumb|right|The new blue eye color option for Bosmer]]
* [[Skyrim:World Interactions|Random events]] added by [[Skyrim:Dawnguard|Dawnguard]] where vampires would attack settlements have been removed from the Nintendo Switch version.
* [[Skyrim:Bosmer|Bosmer]] have been given an additional eye color option at [[Skyrim:Character Creation|character creation]]: blue, [[Lore:Man|man]]-style eyes intended to aid players in creating a character similar to Link from the ''Legend of Zelda'' series.
* Motion controls are available for fine-tuned aiming with [[Skyrim:Archery|archery]] and [[Skyrim:Magic Overview|spellcasting]].
* Gesture controls are available for melee combat. Swinging the left or right joy-con controller will attack with an equipped weapon in that hand or [[Skyrim:Block|block]] with an equipped shield. Swinging more forcefully performs a [[Skyrim:Combat#Power Attacks|power attack]] or [[Skyrim:Block#Bashing|shield bash]].
* Gesture and controller rumble have been incorporated into [[Skyrim:Lockpicking|lockpicking]]. While standard left and right thumbstick controls can still be used, holding ZL and rotating the left joy-con will rotate the [[Skyrim:Lockpick#Lockpick|pick]], while holding ZR and rotating the right joy-con will attempt to turn the lock. Rumble represents the lock as a series of "notches," vibrating as the pick rotates across them, with a slightly stronger vibrating effect on the notches surrounding the sweet spot. The more difficult the lock, the more notches are present. This can make lockpicking substantially easier than on other versions of the game.
==Interface Differences==
Although the PC keyboard and Nintendo Switch controller clearly provide very different methods of interacting with the game, most of the controls work the same way. Some differences, however, include:
* On the Nintendo Switch there is no way to toggle [[Skyrim:Controls#Automove|Automove]].
** Walking vs. running is controlled by how far forward you push the left thumbstick. Slight motions of the thumbstick will cause your character to walk; pushing the thumbstick as far as it will go will cause your character to run. (This is most obvious if you use [[Skyrim:Controls#Change View|third-person view]]).
* The Quick Save and Quick Load shortcuts, as well as a number of other shortcuts only available on the PC, are not available on the Nintendo Switch. Save, Load and Quick Save are only accessible through the [[Skyrim:Controls#Open Journal|Menu]] options.
==Downloadable Content==
AllThere is no downloadable content for the Nintendo Switch version. As in other Special Edition releases, all three [[SR:Official Add-Ons|official add-ons]] are already included, withand thecannot Nintendobe Switchdisabled versionindividually.
==Zelda-Themed Items==