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Oblivion:Damage Fatigue

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Damaging Fatigue Below Zero
If a target's fatigue drops below zero, it will pass out and become unconscious until its fatigue regenerates to a positive value. This can be demonstrated on the player by lowering your fatigue to zero by jumping, then eating a lot of rat meat to damage your fatigue or removing a fortify fatigue enchanted item from the player. This will drop your fatigue to a negative number and cause you to pass out.
Using damage fatigue can be a particularly useful method for disabling an opponent, rendering them unconscious and defenseless for many seconds. Most importantly, it can immobilize enemies that are immune to paralysis, such as storm atronachs, giving it more utility than a paralysis effect. However, it may be difficult to lower a target's fatigue to a negative value, and the player may have to resort to using a combination of powerful poisons and stacked spells to do the job. It also is not an instantaneous effect like paralysis is.
These spells are much cheaper than [[Oblivion:Paralyze|Paralyze]] spells, potentially making them much more useful. Combining several Damage Fatigue effects (spells, poisons, weapon enchantments), amplified by [[Oblivion:Weakness to Magic|Weakness to Magic]], tend to be much cheaper and longer-lasting than Paralyze spells.