Skyrim:A Daedra's Best Friend

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{{Bug|If you have yet to clear Helgen of the bandits, Barbas may start wandering Helgen aimlessly after helping you kill them.|confirmed=1}}
**Fast traveling anywhere, even to Helgen, will fix this.
{{Bug|If Barbas encounters the skeleton of a dragon blocking his path, such as the remains of a dragon killed recently in Falkreath, he may stop to sniff at the skeleton like any other dog in the game and be unable to proceed.|vn=1}}
**The dragon skeleton can be moved out of Barbas's path using the Unrelenting Force shout. Traveling to Haemar's Shame (or using one of the other methods mentioned above) will also reunite the Dragonborn with Barbas.
**{{Pc22}}On PC, the player can open the console (~), click on Barbas, close the console, move the Dragonborn a ways past the obstructing skeleton, open the console again, and use the console command ''moveto player'' to move Barbas to the far side of the skeleton, where he will proceed on his path (or simply use Barbas's reference ID with the "moveto player" command instead of clicking on him).
{{Bug|If you decide not to kill Barbas, and talk to him before he gets turned into stone, the whole statue of Clavicus Vile will disappear and Barbas will remain in the room forever. He will no longer follow you or respond to you in any way but remains stuck in your party restricting your ability to recruit any dog companions thereafter.|confirmed=1|USKP|1.3.3}}
**You may be able to fix this if you have yet to discover [[Skyrim:Meeko|Meeko]] at his cabin.
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