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'''Yombira''' is a [[ON:Redguard|Redguard]] debt collector found in the city of [[ON:Sentinel|Sentinel]].
After [[ON:Tavo|Tavo]] invested in a prospecting expedition that failed to bear fruit, he was loaned money by Yombira. Unfortunately he was unable to raise money to pay Yombira back and so went looking for [[Lore:Yokuda|Yokudan]] relics in the [[ON:Lost City of the Na-Totambu|Lost City of the Na-Totambu]] to pay off his debt. When he didn't return, Yombira moved onto trying to recover the debt through Tavo's wife, [[ON:Nahrina|Nahrina]].
You have the choice of either giving him the relics to pay off Tavo's debt, or coerce him into letting the debt slide.
*{{Quest Link|An Ill-Fated Venture}}
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:''"What do you want?"''
:'''Why are you harassing this woman?'''
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:''"Harassing? I'm collecting on a debt! I gave this woman's husband enough coin to outfit his expedition in return for a number of valuable artifacts. Now he's run off with my money!"''
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:'''Tavo is dead. I collected these relics on his behalf.'''
:''"Splendid! Then this won't be a total loss. Hand them over and I'll consider Tavo's debt paid in full."''
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::'''Here. Take the relics and leave her alone.'''
** Workaround
::'''[[ON:Intimidating Presence|[Intimidate]]] This woman has already lost enough, today. Go away. Now.
:::''"Easy now, friend. No need for violence!''
:::''Yes, I see your point. Forgive me, Nahrina. Consider Tavo's debt forgiven. I'll leave you to your grief."''
:::'''Good plan.'''
If you speak to him again, he will simply say ''"What do you want?"''
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