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The '''{{Lore Link|Shadowscales'''}} are an organization of [[Online:Argonian|Argonian]] assassins from Black Marsh. Those Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow are given to the [[Online:Dark Brotherhood|Dark Brotherhood]] at birth to be trained as professional killers. Although they worship {{Lore Link|Sithis}} and obey the Brotherhood's tenets, the contracts given to Shadowscales serve only to aid the Argonian people, and they act with impunity in Black Marsh.<noinclude>
The Shadowscales opposed the formation of the [[Online:Ebonheart Pact|Ebonheart Pact]] due to their hatred of their former slavemasters, the [[Online:Dunmer|Dunmer]]. Shadowscales can be encountered at [[Online:Stormhold|Stormhold]], [[Online:Murkwater|Murkwater]], [[Online:Sunscale Strand|Sunscale Strand]], [[Online:Loriasel|Loriasel]], [[Online:The Gray Mire|the Gray Mire]], and the [[ON:Cradle of Shadows|Cradle of Shadows]].
;[[ON:Geel-Ma{{Future Link|Geel-Ma]]}}