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To have a guild trader display your guild store to the public, you must first place a bid at your desired trader location. [[Online:Guild Traders|Guild Traders]] are scattered all across Tamriel. Once you have made a bid, gold is deducted from the guild bank and your guild becomes attached to that specific trader until the guilds are switched. For the rest of the week, you will only be allowed to update your bid at that location. You are free to raise your bid to a higher amount at any time, but it must be for the same guild trader. You cannot change your mind and remove a bid or lower its amount once it has been placed. All bids are blind, meaning that there is no way to know how many other guilds have bid for the same guild trader as you, or how much gold they have bid.
The guild traders are switched on Sundays at 8:00pm EST for North America, and at 20:00 GMT for Europe (with all bidding closing 5 minutes prior.) After this point, traders begin displaying the stores of whichever guilds bid the highest for each of them. The new stores will then be accessible by the general public for an entire week. If your guild was outbid, your bid will be refunded back to the guild bank. After the trader switch, if not even a single bid was made for a certain guild trader, anyone will be able to walk up to that trader and immediately hire them for a set amount of 100 gold. This process is first come first serveserved.
=== Guild Heraldry ===