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When you speak to her, you can pick one of three options, each of which yielding a container of useful items.
{{NewLeft}}:'''"Have any poisons or potions today?"''' awards yields a {{Item Link|id=79675|Toxin Satchel|quality=3|Toxin Satchel}}, which can contain:
:*5 [[Online:Potions#Alliance Potions|Alliance Potions]]
:*5 [[Online:Potions#Rogue's Potions|Rogue's Potions]]
:*A {{Item Link|id=119936|quality=4|Poisoned Blood}}
:*A collection of [[Online:Alchemy|Alchemy]] mats
:*{{Item Link|id=119936|quality=4|Poisoned Blood}}:'''"Have anything that can help make me less noticeable?"''' can award a number of different itemsyield::*An {{Item Link|id=79677|quality=1|Assassin's Potion Kit}}, containing 5 samples of a Rogue's PotionsPotion.:*{{huhItem Link|id=121058|quality=4|Candles of Silence}}:*{{Item Link|id=71779|quality=3|Counterfeit Pardon Edict}}:*{{Item Link|id=119938|quality=4|Light and Shadow}}:*An {{Item Link|id=79504|quality=3|Unmarked Sack}}, containing a {{Item Link|id=12105879332|quality=4|Candles of SilenceMonk's Disguise}}.:'''"Have any equipment today?"''' awards a {{huh}}can yield::*random item from the [[Online:Sithis' Touch|Sithis' Touch]] set.<!--:*{{Item Link|id=119952|quality=4|Sacrificial Heart}}-->
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