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{{Bullet Link|Items|Where to find specific items and their related attributes}}
{{Bullet Link|Magic|How to use magic}}
*{{Bullet Link|[[:Differences Between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim|'''Differences Between Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim''']] - |A guide containing the main differences between the three games, and useful tips for adapting}}
==World Information==
{{Bullet Link|Services|A listing of all the services (general merchants, horse merchants, houses, trainers, etc.) provided in the game}}
==Technical Information==
==;Console Versions==
{{Bullet Link|Xbox 360|Information specific to the Xbox 360 version of the game}}
:{{Bullet Link|PlayStationXbox 3360|Information specific to the PS3Xbox 360 version of the game}}
:{{Bullet Link|XboxPlayStation 3603|Information specific to the Xbox 360PS3 version of the game}}
;PC Version
==Tech Support==
:{{Bullet Link|[[Oblivion:Patch|Oblivion Patches]]|Patches by Bethesda Softworks}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Tes4Mod:Unofficial Oblivion Patch|Unofficial Oblivion Patches]]|Unofficial patches by Quarn and Kivan}}
:{{Bullet Link|Console|Various console commands}}
:{{Bullet Link|Ini Settings|Useful .ini file settings}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Oblivion:Tweaking|Performance Tweaking]]|Ways to squeeze the most out of your game}}
:{{Bullet Link|System Requirements|The official minimum and recommended system requirements for the game}}
;Problems and Solutions
:{{Bullet Link|Linux|Information on installing and running Oblivion under Linux}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Oblivion:Patch|Oblivion Patches]]|Patches by Bethesda Softworks}}
:{{Bullet Link|Technical Support|Hardware and system software issues and their practical solutions}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Tes4Mod:Tool Features|Tool Features/Solutions]]|Solutions to common problems as provided by various tools}}
''Major links are shown here. See [[Tes4Mod:Mods|Mods]] for many more.''
:{{Bullet Link|{{OBCSWiki|Oblivion Mods FAQ}}|Thorough introduction to using mods ('''Extremely''' useful for newbies!)}}
:{{Bullet Link|{{OBCSWiki|Oblivion Mods FAQ#What are mods.3F|OMFAQ: What are Mods?}}|What mods do, mods vs. add-ons, etc.}}
;Existing Mods
:{{Bullet Link|Official Add-Ons|Add-ons by Bethesda Softworks}}
:{{Bullet Link|Recommended Mods|Lists of recommended mods by various authors}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Tes4Mod:Acronyms|Mod Acronyms]]|Common acronyms for mods: Cobl; FCOM; MMM; etc}}
:{{Bullet Link|[[Tes4Mod:Glossary|Mod Glossary]]|Commonly used terms in working with mods}}
{{Bullet Link|Construction Set|Basic information about the game's constructionofficial setmodification (CS)tools}}
{{Bullet Link|[[Tes4Mod:ModdingMain Page|ModdingTes4Mod]]|HowSection dedicated to createOblivion mods and edit new modsmodding}}
*'''{{forums|MOD-Oblivion Subforum|subpage=viewforum.php?f=10}}''' - A place on the UESP [[UESPWiki:Forums|forums]] for discussions and questions about the CS and mods for Oblivion
==Previews and Reviews==
{{Bullet Link|Concept Art|An archive of concept art created during the game's development}}
{{Bullet Link|Pre-Release Content|Shots from the game prior to its release}}
{{Bullet Link|Fan Interviews|Interviews with various developers}}
{{Bullet Link|[ Official Media]|The preparations of Oblivion}}
{{Bullet Link|Pre-Release Content|Shots from the game prior to its release}}
==Miscellaneous Information==
==See Also==
*'''{{Bullet Link|{{forums|Oblivion Subforum|subpage=viewforum.php?f=17}}''' — |A place on the UESP [[UESPWiki:Forums|forums]] where you can discuss the game}}